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MUKAE MÜZ is the fruition of a dream by two women wanting to create a space where you can feel comfortable exploring and expressing yourself. We personally like to add mens and womens pieces to our wardrobe, because why should we allow these categories to define who we are? Yet, we continuously find ourselves frustrated and limited by fit and options. 

Thus, we curated MUKAE MÜZ for you, one who doesn’t want to be confined and one who wants to build an interchangeable wardrobe that lasts a lifetime.

We’ve searched high and low to find designers who value the quality of fabrics, emphasize timeless designs, and respect all walks of life.

MUKAE MÜZ 是我們日常靈感的結合:彼此的關係、彼此的環境、還有

受日本工匠在 1920 年代測試創作界限的啟發,MUKEI 意味著  [無形] — 無風格、無限制、無定義的規則,是每個人都可以自由創建自己的空間。